Our Services

Health Access serves the community by providing access to a comprehensive medical home for many who otherwise would lack access and either have to forego care or seek care through the local emergency department leading to increased disparity and poor outcomes. Instead, Health Access stands in the gap and provides the following safety net services for our patients:

Patient-centered primary care


Health Access provides access to patient-centered primary care through its full-time nurse practitioner and cadre of volunteer physicians and other medical professions. This care is informed and guided by our model of care which ensures that every patient at Health Access has access to a personal physician who directly oversees the patient’s care for all stages of life and ensures that care is well-coordinated and integrated with the utmost emphasis on quality and safety.

Prescription Medications


With the support of our partner, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Health Access is able to provide access to quality generic prescription medications to our patients. Brand name prescriptions are also available thanks to our partnerships with World Vision, Direct Relief, BD, Americares, and through patient-assistance programs.

Vision Screenings and Glasses


Four times a year, Health Access works together with the WVU Eye Institute and the Lions Club to provide dilated vision exams and diabetic retinopathy checks as well as the opportunity to purchase discounted glasses through their Appalachian Vision Outreach Program.

Harm Reduction


In 2017, the clinic’s leadership recognized that our community was on the cusp of a public health crisis as a result of the opioid epidemic. To combat the spread of infectious disease and minimize the risk to first responders and other medical professionals, the clinic partnered with the Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department to begin a harm reduction program that offers a syringe exchange, infectious disease testing and education as well as resources geared toward recovery.

Tobacco Cessation Counseling


Smoking is one of the most detrimental things one can do for their health. Health Access offers a variety of services to help those addicted to tobacco products quit their habit including a certified tobacco cessation counselor, pharmacological support through prescriptions like Chantix, and access to the WV Tobacco Quitline.

Hospital Services


Thanks to our long-standing partnership with United Hospital Center, uninsured, Health Access patients have access to hospital services like routine lab work, imaging studies, specialty clinics and more.

West Virginia Breast and CerviCAL CancER SCREENINGS


Health Access also provides access to comprehensive women’s health screenings, mammograms and pap tests through the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program.


In addition, once a year Health Access teams with the WVU Cancer Institute to bring Bonnie’s Bus, a mobile mammography unit, to Clarksburg to provide free mammograms to any women over 40 regardless of their ability to pay!

dental care


Health Access currently offers dental care through our partnership with the WV Health Right and their Mobile Dental Clinic. The mobile dental unit comes on-site twice a month until the program finishes in June 2019.

Our clinic is also in the process of adding to our current clinic space two brand new, state-of-the art dental operatories with the intent of launching our own dental program in the Fall of 2019. To learn more about our dental initiative check out our Next Right Thing Capital Campaign.

Behavioral Medicine


Health Access provides behavioral medicine and psychological services to our patients as well via our resident psychologist and Health Access board member, Dr. Amy Strange who provides cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy as well as administers a number of mental health evaluations and assessments for our patients.

Women’s HEalthCARE


In addition to our partnership with the WV BCCSP program, Health Access also provides many other women’s health services including access to clinical breast exams, pap tests, cervical cancer screenings, mammograms, and more.