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Health Access awarded $28,000 of NIP Tax Credits just in time for year-end donations.

Page1Health Access is happy to announce that we have been awarded $28,000 of NIP credits through the West Virginia Neighborhood Investment Program

Over the past few years Health Access has been a proud participant in the Neighborhood Investment Program and we’re excited to have the opportunity to participate once again. The West Virginia Neighborhood Investment Program helps support nonprofit charitable organizations by providing tax credits as an incentive to stimulate and increase donations from the community to qualifying 501 (C)3 nonprofit organizations. Tax credits help to reduce the amount of taxes a donor pays by offsetting the actual taxes owed in contrast to deductions which merely reduce the donor’s taxable income. Generally, a tax credit is worth substantially more than a tax donation.

You can receive a WV Tax Credit equal to HALF of your gift of $500 or more. 

That means as a donor you can double your gift without incurring any additional cost. These credits directly reduce the amount of your WV taxes and are available to both individuals and businesses in West Virginia. Since we have a limited amount of credits to use, they will be distributed on a first-come basis to qualifying donations.

Here is an example of how an NIP credit works. 

Donation to Health Access: $500     $1000      $1500      $2000

Amount of NIP Credit:         $250     $500        $750         $1000

If you have questions, please contact Jim Harris by phone at (304) 622-2708 or email at

Thank you for your considered support of Health Access Free and Charitable Clinic.

Flu is preventable and so is Colon Cancer. Get screened for both at our upcoming FLU and FIT Clinics.

FLU FIT CLINIC 2015-2016
Flu is preventable and so is Colon Cancer! For the second year in a row,  Health Access will be combining its seasonal flu clinic with an opportunity to also have a free colorectal cancer screening test. The home stool test also known as a Fecal Immunochemical Test or FIT test is easy to do and requires only two stool samples with no changes to medications or diet. The test works by detecting the minutest traces of blood in the stool that might not otherwise be visible to the naked eye. Detecting blood in the stool is critical for early detection of cancer which can lead to a quicker diagnosis and a better outcome.

As was the case with one of our patients last year, it might just save your life.

Flu shots will be available to any uninsured, Health Access patient. While the colorectal cancer screening will only be offered to any patient who is:

  • Uninsured or Underinsured (Medicaid)
  • Has not had a colonoscopy in the past 10 years
  • Has not had a FIT/FOBT test this year

Just like the FLU colon cancer is PREVENTABLETREATABLE, and BEATABLE when found EARLY! Call the clinic today and get scheduled for your FLU Shot and FIT test! You can also fill out the form below and someone from our clinic will contact you.

Interim Healthcare Donates $1800 Towards New iPads for Health Access Docs

Interim Donation

[Pictured Above: Jessica Morris, Branch Supervisor for Interim Healthcare and James Harris, Executive Director of Health Access, Inc]

Modern medicine creates mountains of data and Health Access is now in a better position to use that data thanks to an $1800 donation by Interim Healthcare that will put two new iPads in the hands of doctors who treat low income uninsured and under-insured adults at Health Access.

In recent years iPads have become quite invaluable tools in the medical field as they help doctors take that mountain of data and use it more efficiently and less intrusively to care for the patients they see. Some of the benefits of using iPads over laptops or more stationary PCs include:

  • Up to Date Medical Apps and Educational Resources
  • Better Communication Between Patients and Providers
  • Faster Access to Electronic Medical Records
  • Better Diagnostic Tools
  • Better Patient Experience with Less Distractions
  • Increased Portability

Thanks again to Jessica Morris and all of the wonderful folks at Interim Healthcare who helped put this life saving technology in the hands of our providers.

It’s Time To Make YOU A Priority This Fall!

It’s time to make YOU a priority this Fall by taking part in one of our upcoming priority health screenings. The first screening will be our Free Mammogram Screening offered through our partnership with the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center and Bonnie’s Bus. The screening will be held at the First United Methodist Church on the corner of 2nd Street and Pike in Clarksburg on October 20th from 9a-5pNO WOMAN OVER THE AGE OF 40 WILL BE TURNED AWAY!

The second screening will be our Free Eye Screening offered by the WVU Eye Institute and made possible by a grant from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. The eye screening will be held at Health Access on October 29th and 30th from 9a-3p. Glassess will also be available for a small copay ($10-$30) based on a sliding scale according to your income.

For more information about either of theses screenings or to make your appointments, please call Health Access at (304) 622-2708 today and make you a priority this Fall!

Priority Screenings

Priority Screenings 15